On April 11, 2024, Hungkuang University Department of Child Care and Education signed an overseas employment and cooperation exchange agreement with Singapore Star Learners Group, aiming to work together towards mutual visits and exchanges between faculty and students, seminars on curriculum and teaching practices, and the establishment of employment opportunities for students in the future.

Star Learners Group, as a preschool operator of Singapore’s Partner Operator Scheme (POP) supported by Singapore government, Star Learners Group also operates preschools and has related branches in many countries overseas. Audrey Chen, head of the Human Resources Department, pointed out that Singapore has a strong demand for early childhood education talent trained in Taiwan and has a high regard for the reputation of the Early Childhood Education program at Hungkuang University. Through the signing of the cooperation agreement, they hope to not only strengthen professional interaction and exchanges but also to invite graduates of the department to work in Singapore. In the future, Star Learners Group will provide more diverse and flexible promotional opportunities, aiming to facilitate immediate employment for Hungkuang University’s Early Childhood Education students and encourage them to teach abroad with confidence.